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After storing the equipment and ceasing the RC activities in the year 2000, we did not imagine getting out our cars.

In 2014 we discover via social networks that a 1/4 community still exists and that they remember our products.

In July 2014 we are invited to the friendly meeting La Bourguignonne in Besançon and we find the smell of gasoline and the sound of engines.

We will also participate, with our vintage models, in the last round of the VHRC season at Pierrelatte.

Enthusiastic about the atmosphere, we decide to invest in new engines because our old G2D suffer from the comparison with the current G230.

Goal 2015: Participate in 4 races and try to look good.

Christophe Menoud will ride with the C11 and Olivier Marti with his Renault Spider. Gilles Cosandey will join us with a LARO Bugatti EB110.

2015 results: Christophe will make a podium in the last heat.

At the end of 2015 we decided to redo the R5 Turbo 2 IMSA. Other projects are ongoing such as Chaparral and Shadow.

We will do 5 races in 2016. Christophe will win 2 but reliability concerns will deprive him of good places in the other races. Olivier will ride at his own pace and regularity will pay off. The lap times and an excellent qualifying will allow him to start in 3rd position at the Besançon round.

Gilles and Shadow are very fast and the qualifiers are good. Unfortunately problems of transmission will deprive him every time of being able to confirm his qualifications.

We also drive in 2017 and release the Marquette and the Fiat Abarth 1000 TC. We are organizing the Menoud Days for the first time on a weekend.

In 2018 fewer races at the VHRC but 2 Menoud Days weekend and the release of the E-2018, 1/4 scale electric car.

Story to follow...

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